LA Girl Pro Brush Duo Brow Brush

LA Girl Pro Brush Duo Brow Brush is a handmade brush with high quality, soft synthetic hairs. This brush has a handle of lacquered birch wood sourced from sustainable forests and has a gold ferrule. This exceptionally high quality brush picks up product easily and is a real musthave for your stash!

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This brush :

Cruelty free.
Synthetic hairs.
Lacquered birch wood.
Sourced from sustainable forests.
Gold ferrule.
Exceptional high quality.

Hairs : Synthetic hairs.

Maintenance :
Rinse and clean your brushes weekly at daily use for maximum hygiene and durability. The brushes are best cleaned as following:
– Lukewarm water
– Shampoo or brushcleanser
– Use the Pro Brush Cleaner to rinse and clean your brushes deeply.

Dry your brushes upside down to prevent moisture from reaching the adhesive layers of the hair.

Retain the shape of your brushes with the Brush Pro Brush Protector for perfect results.


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