LA Colors Nourishing Lip Oil Berry Blast

LA Colors Nourishing Lip Oil is a lip oil that intensely hydrates dry lips. The ultra-hydrating formula breathes new life into your lips! This lip oil is infused with golden flakes which ensure your right amount of shine. With the addition of Vitamin E your lips will feel soft and supple. Fun fact, each lip oil has its own unique scent!

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Give your lips a little extra love with this soft lip oil!

This lip oil :

Hydrates dry lips.
Infused with golden flakes.
Provides a nice shine.
Contains Vitamin E.
Soft and smooth lips.
Delicious scent.
Cruelty free.

Different scents :

Sweetie : Sweets.
Hunnybun : Vanilla.
Minty : Mint.
Tangerine Twist : Mandarin.
Berry Blast : Raspberry.
Strawberry Fizz : Strawberry.

How to use :

Apply the oil using the applicator.
Start at the cupid bow and apply outside.
Repeat on the lower lip.


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