LA Girl Beauty and Cosmetics

We, at BeneluxLogistics, genuinely care about beauty. That’s why we’re offering LA Girl, an affordable luxury cosmetics brand to our customers.

Our Products

Browse our collection of LA Girl cosmetics, from long-lasting Mascaras to luscious Lip Balms, and our collection features the broadest range of genuinely eco-friendly collection

Pure Ingredients

We take your health seriously, that’s why we’re bringing you the products that we trust. We deliver luxury cosmetic brands at affordable prices to the whole of Europe.

Skincare - Simplified

With no added harmful chemicals, LA Girl beauty products bring health-conscious cosmetic products to their customers, and we deliver them!

Whether you want to add some volume to your hair or brighten up your eyes for the catwalk, our range of LA Girl cosmetics are fit for any occasion, without having to worry about harming your skin!

Superfast Product Delivery

When you source your inventory with us, you should rest assured that we will deliver your products within 24 hours .

Easy to Shop

You can order directly through our site or email us directly

Best Brands

We offer the complete range of LA GIRL cosmetics and Makeup Brand

Good For Skin

We take your health seriously, that’s why we’re bringing you only products that we trust.

Sustainable and Organic

The skin care industry has become loaded with products promising over-night cures and instant glow-ups, but they come at a cost. Burdening your skin with harmful chemicals and additives, these skin care products do more harm than good in the long run.

Brands we Trust.